Handai-Kandai-GiessenDai Joint Seminar on Materials Science and Engineering
March 26, 2019, Sigma-Seminar Room
Host : Osaka University
Supported by Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen and Kansai University
Supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Area,
Nano-Material Manipulation and Structural Order Control with Optical Forces (2016-2021)
Precise Formation of a Catalyst Having a Specified Field for Use in Extreamly Difficult Substrate Conversion Reactions (2015-2020)
Application of Cooperative Ecitation into Innovative Molacular Systems with High-Order Photofunctions (2014-2019)

9:00 9:10 Opening remarks, Prof. Yutaka Kano, Dean of Graduate School of Engineering Science, OU
9:10 9:40 Prof. Dr. Richard Göttlich (GU)
“Imidazopyridines, Synthesis and photoelectronic properties”
9:40 10:10 Prof. Hiroshi Miyasaka (OU)
“Photosynergetic Responses of Molecules in Condensed Phase Induced by Multiple Excitation and
Multiphoton Absorption”
10:10 10:40 Prof. Dr. Sangam Chatterjee (GU)
“Controlling quasi-particle dynamics in model semiconductor structures by ultrafast spectroscopy”
10:40 11:00 break
11:00 11:30 Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schindler (GU)
“Synthesis and application of photoactive compounds”
11:30 12:00 Prof. Shunsuke Tanaka (KU)
“Synthesis of metal-organic framework adsorbents and membranes for separation applications”
12:00 12:30 Dr. Anja Henß (GU)
“Interface analysis of next-generation battery materials“
12:30 13:50 lunch
13:50 14:20 Prof. Dr. Christian Heiliger (GU)
“Computer-aided tailoring of transport properties in nanostructures”
14:20 14:50 Prof. Ryo Yamada (OU)
“Magnetoresistance in single-molecule junctions”
14:50 15:20 Prof. Hiroyoshi Itoh and Prof. Syuta Honda (KU)
“Magnetoresistance in MTJ containing ferromagnetic insulator”
15:20 15:40 break
15:40 16:10 Prof. Masato Ueda (KU)
“Control of Cell Adhesion on Titanium Oxide by Light Irradiation”
16:10 16:40 Prof. Dr. Michael Dürr (GU)
“Controlled organic functionalization of silicon surfaces”
16:40 17:10 Prof. Shuji Nakanishi (OU)
“Critical factor determining the capacity of lithium-oxygen batteries”
17:10 17:20 Closing remarks
17:20 18:50 Poster session
19:00 21:00 Banquet, Cafeteria, La Foret

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