Dr. Shaijumon に講演していただきました。(11/28)

Hybrid Nanostructured Materials for Energy Applications
Dr. M. M. Shaijumon

Indian Institute of Science Education & Research Thiruvananthapuram, India 695016

There is great interest in developing multifunctional hybrid nanostructured electrode materials for high performance energy storage devices such as Li-ion batteries and Supercapacitors.1 Novel architectures of hybrid nanomaterials have been shown to improve the device performances. Carbon based nanomaterials, owing to its high surface area and good conductivity properties, have been studied as electrodes for supercapacitors2,3 and Li-ion batteries. In this talk, some of our recent results on graphene-based hybrid nanostructures and their application as electrodes for lithium ion battery, will be presented. Graphene/ metal oxides nanohybrids have been recently explored as efficient electrodes for Li-ion battery. Results on the fabrication of hybrid energy storage devices using graphene nanoribbon-based electrodes will also be discussed and some of the key challenges will be addressed. In addition, our recent efforts on the design and synthesis of tailored MoS2 nanostructures4 and Organic materials based electrodes5 will also be presented.
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