• PPMS:
    Physical Property Measurement System. Convenient automatic cryostat with superconducting magnet. We can measure electrical characteristics and thermal conductivity.
  • Prober:
    Variable temperature from r.t to 4.2K. Electromagnet is attached.
  • MCBJ:
    Home made mechanically controllable break junction to measure electrical characteristics of single molecular junctions.
  • Source Meter etc:
    Instruments for basic measurement for low current and voltages
  • Thermoelectricity:
    Original STM to measure thermoelectricity of single molecular junctions
  • PPMS
  • Prober
  • MCBJ
  • Source Meter etc
  • Thermoelectricity


  • JT-STM:
    UHV-low temperature STM. Reachable < 1K. Surface electronic states and structures are visualized with atomic resolution.
  • EC-STM:
    Electrochemical STM/AFM. Used for break junction measurement to measure single molecular conductance.
  • AFM/STM:
    Atomic force microscope under ambient conditions. KFM is also possible.
  • JT-STM
  • EC-STM


  • PLD:
    Pulse Laser Deposition
  • Glove Box:
    Vacuum chambers to prepare organic and metal films are attached.
  • Vacuum Evaporation:
    Original design. Mainly used for deposition of organic materials.
  • EB Lithography:
    Electron Beam Lithography
  • IR Oven:
  • PLD
  • Glove Box
  • Vacuum Evaporation
  • EB Lithography
  • IR Oven


  • Cluster Server:
  • Material Studio:
    DMol and Discovery are installed.
  • Cluster Server
  • Material Studio

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